The Kindness that Humbles me….

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On Friday, I set up an online fundraiser for Alexander. He is going to need some costly treatments and we don’t want finances to hinder us from doing the best for him. By Friday night, we had raised over $400!!! It is now Sunday night and we are already over $1000!!!

The fact that a lot of people care and can give a little, absolutely humbles my husband and I. At first we felt a bit like a charity case, but as my mom said, the money is for Alexander, not us…..So we committed that any money we may have after the treatments, we will donate to canine cancer awareness.

It is going to be a long hard road, it is nice to know that there is help.

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The Tough Stuff

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

On Monday July 12, 2010, I brought Alexander in to have a bump on his wrist looked at by our vet. The vet was concerned and sent us for x-rays. When the x-rays came back, they showed significant bone remodeling along with darker lytic regions. Basically, all of the signs of Osteosaroma, bone cancer.

The next day we took Alexander to a veterinary oncologist. without further testing she told us that she was 90% sure it was osteosarcoma and gave us some horrid statistics. We went home heartbroken and lost and confused.

Wednesday, I woke up and was determined to get more answers. We got an immediate appointment with a new oncologist. The oncologist ran some tests, took more x-rays and gave us a lot more information.

The cancer has not spread to his lungs, so for now it is localized in his leg. Unfortunately, that leg is in constant pain. The most aggressive treatment, with the best results is amputation of the leg along with chemotherapy.

The aggressive treatment is approximated to give Alexander another year, with no pain in his leg. This treatment is scary, horrifying and I cannot describe the fears we have. BUT, the idea that Alexander could have another year or more to go play with his friends and run on the beach (as a tri-pawed), gives us the strength to go on.

Unfortunately for us, the treatments are costly. Amputation can run around $2500.00, the Chemo $2400.00 then add in x-rays and testing. In three days we have already racked up $1000.00 in bills for consultations along with x-rays and testing.

Many people do not understand why we go to these extents to help “a dog”. I don’t think those people have ever had an animal in their life that gave them what Alexander gives us.

Alexander’s Life

Alexander has had a lot of adventures, he has lived in three homes with us, taken trips to Jacksonville and Alabama, and met more people than we know.

We began attending Meet-up events specifically for Great Danes when Alexander was around a year old. Somehow it spiraled into us creating a new meet-up/social group for Great Dane owners and Dog lovers. The group expanded and grew to over 150 members.

With the group, Alexander has the opportunity to go out and see his friends in many settings. He loves going to Gaspar’s Grotto in Ybor City, Ft. Desoto Beach, Davis Island Beach, ANY dog park, ANY restaurant that will let him in and many fund-raising events.

Alexander has also made some amazing friends. He loves hanging out with Emma, Monte, Lilli and Miles. He is content to do zoomies with them in a backyard. Oh, and he LOVES torturing his friend Dempsey, who he lived with for a while….poor Dempsey!

Even at Four, Alexander loves toys. He has a plushie whale that smells so bad you would think it is toxic, but he carries that plushie around like his security blanket!

I think Alexander’s favorite thing in the world is good people. He loves to strut his stuff, having people gawk at him and love on him, as long as they don’t get in his face. He LOVES his back scratched and will arch like a cat!

Kevin and I get so much pleasure out of watching Alexander amaze people. Recently, a woman escorting a blind man asked us if the man could touch Alexander. Alexander walked right over, turned his body so that he could be pet, and let the man love on him. There are no words to express the joy and amazement that came over that man’s face.

Alexander does that to Kevin and I EVERY day.

About Alexander

Alexander is a Great Dane, born on May 12, 2006. He just turned four.

We picked Alexander out because he was the quiet one in the corner. He was so sweet and lovable. He came into our home to meet Baylee, our five year old (at the time) Great Dane. Baylee immediately ran from him, looking at us like, “what the heck is that?!?!”

Alexander (Xander) came into our lives as a whirlwind. He was a crazy little (not for long) puppy with an attitude. He made it clear NOT to get in the way of his food, or else. He loved toys, still does, and would howl along with anything that squeaked!

We began socializing Xander early, bringing him with us everywhere. This caused a little problem when he could no longer fit in the front seat, yet he insisted…..

Xander grew so fast, even as much as we tried not to let him! Great Danes are required a specific diet to prevent their bones from growing too quickly and becoming malformed. Despite all our efforts, Xander gained 8-15 pounds a week! He has finally topped out at 165 pounds and 39 inches tall….at his shoulder!