Day 4

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Well, what an exhausting time! Alexander is doing exceedingly well. He tires quickly, but he is always wanting to GO! It is so hard to keep him quiet.

The meds are making him pant a lot which sometimes makes me nervous, but I know it is just the reaction they give. His incision is looking really good, cool and dry, no seeping. Trying to keep him from licking it is a nightmare. He hates the t-shirt and the cone. Oh well, he’s gotta wear it!

His other legs are a little banged up, I think from stumbling the first day or two. He has some scrapes and scabs, but I think they are pretty minor.

He truly is amazing me. He is hopping right up on his mattress, and our bed. We have to keep an eye on him with the bed, we don’t want him hurting himself getting down, even though it is a low platform style bed….He goes in and out by himself, we finally got a bowel movement last night, HOORAY!!!

I do get a bit sad for him sometimes, I just hate to see him struggle, but every day he gets stronger. I can’t wait for the day when he can go to the beach and play again!

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