3 Week Ampuversary!!

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We are at three weeks, and things are starting to look up…..finally!!!!

Today Alexander had his post-chemo CBC check at the vet and they said it looked great! They said he looked great and was doing soooo well. When I told them he hadn’t pooped since last Wednesday, they gave him a rectal exam, then told me to go walk him around outside, he was pretty filled up…so, I think the poke in the booty helped him, he had a gigantic bowel movement. Hooray for Bowel Movements!!!

A couple of days ago we noticed the natural vertical split on the front of his nose was very dry and starting to crack. He was also congested with a runny nose. When his doc saw it today, she said it is really nothing but to watch in case the mucus turned anything but clear and watery. I guess us tripawd parents get worked up over the littlest things some times…

Personality wise, Alexander is beginning to act a little more himself. I find him to be restless at times and am wondering if it might be boredom. We are cautious as to not over-work him, as he still gets tired easily, but there are times he gets up from his snoring and hops over to you and just looks at you. It’s like “I’m here, I’m up, do something with me“, but then if you try to let him out back or play with a toy, there is no interest. Maybe for now he just wants some lovings…..

We have three more Chemo treatments to go. In the meantime, we are back to feeding RAW (Thank God), supplementing with Phyto-Flex (glucosamine, chondriton, MSM), IP-6 & Innotisol (a NK cell and immune booster), Flax seed oil and/or Fish oil, and Essiac tea. I know it sounds like a lot, but most of it is all natural and just to boost his immune system. We also give molassses which helps platelets and chicken livers for iron. He gets some spinach, but he’s not a big fan….

I am hoping that we can start socializing him again soon. He was such a social butterfly before all this happened and he needs that stimulation. I just don’t want to do anything too soon that will push him too hard. He never had stitches to take out, they just absorbed. There is still some scabbiness along the incision, though it is healing beautifully. His hair is coming back nicely as well. I wonder when I can bathe him again…he is a stinky boy after all that dog food and chemicals used through the surgery and post op….

I am happy to say that I do not regret the amputation. It literally was his leg or his life. I am getting more used to him being a tripawd, though some days my heart breaks to see him so tired after short bursts of energy. I hate that this has happened to our boy and I still get really angry about it. I also find myself fearful that the cancer is going to come back before he can recover and enjoy more of his life. I know that those are the dice we rolled, but gosh it can be so hard. I would say in general, I am very happy with his progress and VERY proud of my boy. I try to think pawsitively every day…..

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Chemo Day

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Well, here we are 15 days post amp. What an exhausting two weeks!!! For the most part, Alexander is doing well. He can get up and go when he wants, he seems to have built more strength.

He still doesn’t want to eat much. I have actually been force feeding him the past few days since I wanted his strength up for Chemotherapy. Finally, this morning, he decided to eat on his own…not a lot, but enough. It is going to be even harder after the chemo I bet….ugh.

I still have days where it is so hard to come to terms with all that has happened. It’s like, one month ago, everything was normal…now he is missing a leg and fighting for his life with Chemo! I think I get overwhelmed since everything happened so fast…..I want my Xander back, the one who barks at nothing, loves tug-o-war and squeaky toys. The dog that loves food! I know, I know, it has only been two weeks. I have to be more patient…….

He is at the vet now, probably getting treated like a king…they’ll call when it is time to go get him……

Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths……