Completely Frustrated!

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So we went to the orthopedic surgeon today to determine if Alexander would be a candidate for amputation. The doctor basically looked at him and said, “Dogs over 100 lbs do not do well with amputation in the front.” He also told us that if we anticipated what we were getting into and the work we would have to put in, then he might be okay….

So, I asked him about the structural integrity of Xander’s other leg. His front feet turn out like a ballerina, not all the way, but enough to concern me with the integrity of the leg. The doctor said he wouldn’t know until after he amputated. He then told us we could try bandaging up the hurt leg and see how Alex does on three legs. They took him in the back, tied the leg up (completely heartbreaking to see) and let us come back. Alex was scared out of his mind, but upon me calling him, he came to me on the three legs, stood and even backed up a little….

My heart says he has the strength to do this, my head tells me he may suffer. If damage would be done to the remaining leg, I wonder if it would be over a course of years (which he doesn’t have) or months…..

Time for a second opinion, from someone versed in Giant breeds……

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