Day 1 Post Op

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Alexander is doing really well. He has to stay one more night, but he ate for me today. He was VERY whiny, but I think it is a mix of excitement and pain meds. The good news is that he readily got up multiple time to keep greeting people. He was wobbly, but getting up! I think he is more unsure of himself laying back down!

This is going to be a long hard road. I keep looking at where his leg should be, but it’s not! Weird. It breaks my heart watching him struggle, but I think he is going to be up and going in no time.

Some pics from today:

It looks SO raw....


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5 thoughts on “Day 1 Post Op”

  1. He looks great (well, yeah, the incision does look a little sore).

    This will be an upsy downsy road. It is startling when you first see them after surgery. But good for him for getting up to greet people – such a gentleman. 🙂

    Hoping for a speedy, smooth recovery!

  2. So glad to read that Alexander is doing so well. I am sure that Alexander will be so happy to get back home tomorrow. I hope for a easy speedy recovery for you both.

    Jo Ann & Tasha

  3. Awwww…. this is just so great that your boy is looking so good. It IS shocking to see that incision the first time. Nova had a bandage on for a week or two so we did not see the incision for some time. Seeing no leg where there once was one is hard. The next few weeks will have their ups and downs, most can be attributed to the pain meds. So if you ever start to get down and think that he won’t be the same again just get through the first few weeks and I guarantee you will see a difference once the fog clears from the pain meds. Sending lots of healing Dane leans and kisses his way tonight…. Sue and Nova

  4. Yeah it is sad to see my dog Chloe’s fresh incision. She had her back leg amputated Thursday and she still has swelling on her belly (vet said this was normal and that it would go away in a month or two…)

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