Chemo Day

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Well, here we are 15 days post amp. What an exhausting two weeks!!! For the most part, Alexander is doing well. He can get up and go when he wants, he seems to have built more strength.

He still doesn’t want to eat much. I have actually been force feeding him the past few days since I wanted his strength up for Chemotherapy. Finally, this morning, he decided to eat on his own…not a lot, but enough. It is going to be even harder after the chemo I bet….ugh.

I still have days where it is so hard to come to terms with all that has happened. It’s like, one month ago, everything was normal…now he is missing a leg and fighting for his life with Chemo! I think I get overwhelmed since everything happened so fast…..I want my Xander back, the one who barks at nothing, loves tug-o-war and squeaky toys. The dog that loves food! I know, I know, it has only been two weeks. I have to be more patient…….

He is at the vet now, probably getting treated like a king…they’ll call when it is time to go get him……

Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths……

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6 thoughts on “Chemo Day”

  1. Your Xander will be back. I was really anxious too because I felt like Roxy didn’t bounce back as quickly as some of our fellow tripawds seem to. But rest assured, it happens. Xander might just be milking it, you think?? 😉 Sometimes I wonder if Roxy wasn’t…

    Good luck with chemo. I hope everything goes smooth!


  2. I will ‘ditto’ what Leslie said…Xander will be back…I know, I know…not soon enough!!! At least you know you’re not alone – when I went thru this…I thought my dog was the ONLY dog on the planet with such issues! Then I found Tripawds and learned otherwise!
    Here’s to hoping he keeps right eating thru the chemo treatments.


    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3. It’s a lot to go through. The first 2 weeks after surgery are hard – emotionally and physically! Xander – love the nickname – will get back to normal. The only thing that makes this all bearable is knowing that they’re out of pain.

    Our golden Honey is 21 days post-amp today and she started getting her appetite back this past week. We cheer for the small improvements we see everyday. I’ve never been so happy that Honey is back to her annoying food begging ways!!

    I hope all goes well with the chemo.

  4. We’re still in the middle of our 2 weeks post-op, so I don’t have any words of wisdom but we are definitely sending good thoughts Xander’s way!! Hope he is feeling and eating better soon!


  5. I have to make a decision with Toby who is 4. I found out today that his right arm need to be amputated and I don’t know what to do. I’m scarred and alone and I’m in this nightmare that I can’t wake up from. I hope everyone’s dog gets better.

  6. You’ve got it: Deep DEEP breaths.

    It’s hard to keep from reeling sometimes; really it is. Everything does happen so fast it’s like the rug was pulled out from under you.

    Alexander will come back. We didn’t have the problems with Catie’s appetite like you’ve had with Alexander, but it took her a while before she started barking at every person and dog who walked down our street. It actually took her bro Riley a long time before he’d play with her, even though she was very willing. The new ‘normal’ takes some adjustment for everyone. Sometimes, looking back, I think it was easiest for Cate.

    Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts. Alexander will find his way; and you’re doing great.

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